Black pepper is one of the most versatile spices used in several kinds of savory cooking. Pepper is best ground directly on to food. In order to keep their fragrance and flavor intact, they generally milled just before preparing dishes and added at the last minutes in the recipes (since prolonged cooking results in evaporation of essential oils). The spice, popular as “kali mirch” in the Indian subcontinent, used liberally in Indian vegetarian and chicken curries and in the Middle-East, in meat and rice dishes. They can be employed in the preparation of soups, barbecue sauces, pickling and as a main ingredient in variety of curry powders



Black Pepper Health Benefits

Digestive problems? Say goodbye to them

 Munching on junk food, rich in oil and fats can create digestive issues, rendering in an upset stomach. But if you sprinkle a little amount of raw black pepper, your stomach releases hydrochloric acid which enables the protein to break down easily giving you a cleaner stomach. As a result, it also prevents gastrointestinal complications like diarrhea and constipation as well.

Wave off that cough and cold

 That stubborn cough just isn’t going away? Let black pepper perform its magic! Being enriched in Vitamin C this black spice has antibacterial properties which help to cure coughs and cold. Just adding a pinch of black pepper with a small tablespoon of honey can relieve you of chest congestion caused by viral infections too.

Promotes weight loss? Oh yes!

Does shedding those extra pounds seems like a nightmare to you? Then why not try adding a bit of spice to your diet? It has been scientifically proven that black pepper has some essential phytonutrients which can help you in breaking down the excess fat accumulated in your body promoting higher metabolism. All you need to do is add some black pepper to your tea or any meal every day and you can lose kgs in weeks!

Welcome good skin with black pepper

Skin problems are something which we all suffer in our day-to-day life. But the king of spices can give us a hand in treating our skin conditions! Known to be one of the greatest natural exfoliators, black pepper, when mixed with a little amount of honey or curd can work wonders for the skin by boosting blood circulation, infusing it with more oxygen, and preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Even, skin diseases like Vitiligo can be curbed by the usage of black pepper.

May prevent deadly diseases like cancer

 Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, flavonoids, antioxidants, and carotenoids black pepper can even keep life-threatening and most feared diseases like cancer at bay! The piperine present in the spice when used along with turmeric becomes twice as strong eliminating harmful radicals from the body which can enter when exposed to pollution, UV rays of the sun, and smoke from cigarettes. Never skip, ground pepper!

Say no to depression

 Depression is a common mental disease that many people fall prey to every year. It can even lead to death for some. But you might be amazed to find out that consuming just a mere spice can help you deal with depression! Research shows that black pepper boosts the functionality of your brain, stimulating it and makes it active than before. In fact, chewing on raw pepper elevates one’s mood as the brain releases certain chemicals which can soothe and calm you. Even for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, it has been observed that a daily dose of black pepper significantly improves memory.

NOTE: Although black pepper has many interesting health benefits and can promote the well-being of the human body, high consumption can result in a burning sensation that can be felt in the stomach or the throat. So, it’s important that you consume black pepper in the right quantity!


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