It contains antioxidants that boost metabolism and help in losing weight fast. It is also low in carbohydrates, which makes it an excellent ingredient for weight loss programs. Amchur powder will also protect your body from life-threatening diseases like cancer. It contains Vitamin C in abundance.

Amchur, in simple words, is dried mango powder. Mangoes are only found during the summer months but people have discovered several ways in which mango can be consumed. Mangoes are generally stored and pickled. Some also like to powder it. Like we have just said, fresh mango powder is also known as amchur. Fresh powder is usually bright green color. Some of them can also be brownish.



Health benefits

Uses of amchur

Amchur powder has several uses in the culinary world. It is used to add more flavor to curries, chutneys, soups, and marinades. The dried slices add more taste to the dishes. Fish and chicken dishes are also enhanced with the help of amchur powder. It has tenderizing qualities, similar to lime and lemon juice.


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