Salted cashews are moderate in both carbohydrates and protein. An ounce of cashews packs in about 9 grams of carbs with 1 gram of fiber. Although cashews aren’t too high in carbs. Salted cashews provide about 1.8 milligrams of iron, which is about 10 percent of your daily recommended value. Iron carries oxygen in red blood cells throughout the body to produce energy, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. When iron levels are low, you may begin to experience fatigue or weakness.

Cashews are rich in nutrients and beneficial plant compounds and make for an easy addition to many dishes. Like most nuts, cashews may also help improve your overall health. They’ve been linked to benefits like weight loss, improved blood sugar control, and a healthier heart.

This makes them more healthful as a snack, compared with chips, crackers, and other simple carbohydrate foods.



  • GreenBee Premium Salted cashews comes in 200 gms
  • Excellent healthy snack
  • No Preservatives added
  • No added colors
  • No taste adding agents
  • Roasted and Salted
  • Made completely with GreenBee’s Premium cashews (bigger nuts)
  • Comes in an elegant reusable Jar shapped resuable zipper pouch
  • Ingredients : Premium Cashews , Vegetable oil , Salt


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