As a human, we all get bored when drinking the same kind of drink daily. So, we came up with a plan to take different tastes of drinks on a daily basis which will also help to maintain good health and get relief from certain kinds of diseases. This is an alternative for Tea / Coffee, it is purely an Herbal Dip Extract, Like Dip bags with 7 powerful herbs are packed and sold in a hygienic manner. Those 7 varieties are Sangu Poo, Moringa,  Tulsi, Nithya Kalyani,  Touch-Me-Not,  Avaram Poo and Lemon Grass. These herbal dip bags can be used as a substitute for your Coffee and Tea. Its main purpose is to give the required nutrients, cure and prevent common ailments.



Herby Choice is one of the brands of Silverfish for Herbal Tea. Our company is focusing on natural herbs which are good for health and no side effects and our products are eco-friendly and sustainable through Dip bags. We are interested in doing research on our native herbs and hence got a chance to feel the improvement in our health and some herbs have given better relief and results also. Hence, thinking to provide this kind of healthy and tasty herbals in an easier way which can be usable by anyone at any time, we got a result as Decomposable dip bags. To start with, we provide 7 varieties of dip bags and are interested in increasing the count in future.

Note –
  • Milk is not required,
  • For Tea, just dip it in boiled water for 2 – 3 minutes,  if required sweetener, we can add Palm sugar, Country sugar or Honey.
  • For Soup, just dip it in boiled water for 2 – 3 minutes, we can add pepper and salt, if needed turmeric powder.
Sunday – Sangu Poo
Monday –  Moringa
Tuesday – Tulsi
Wednesday – Nithya Kalyani
Thursday -Touch Me Not
Friday – Avaram Poo
Saturday – Lemongrass 


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