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An all time favorite, easy and simple to make, age old recipe that tastes differently in each region, packed with wellness, goodness and fitness is this only South Indian dish RASAM.  Each ingredient in this rasam helps you be healthier than ever.  Tamarind is the main ingredient which helps in better digestion and increases your appetite when you are sick.  Pepper helps to increase your metabolism whereas the lentils supply you with plant-based protein.  Before we look more about it, you first the need rasam powder which can be got ready made nowadays.


Origination and how it is called in different languages:

The word ‘rasam’ has its origination from the word ‘rasa’ which means ‘juice’, ‘soup’ or ‘essence’.  It is called as ‘chaaru’ in Telugu and ‘Saaru’ in Kannada.  Your magical taste buds are satisfied with such simple dishes rather than the complex ones, isn’t it?  This is a soup like tangy dish that has travelled though time globally and it not only satisfies your taste buds but also protects your system from numerous diseases.  For preparing such appetizing rasam, buy online from Sitara for the nutritiously and hygienically home ‐made rasam powder.

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Why rasam?


         On a regular basis, Indians include rasam in their diet structure as a part of their meals.  This dish has regional variations too and out of which Andhra rasam is a yummy treat for your tummy.  This Andhra style home made rasam powder is available at Sitara and we can make a door delivery if you order online from us.  The need for rasam is endless because it is an inseparable part of a daily meal of any South Indian.  Give it a try!  It helps you….

·      When you fall sick and your tongue becomes tasteless, this rasam helps to keep you hydrated and also to equate the strength that you have lost due to your sickness with the lentils, coriander seeds and pepper in it.

·      When you have any tummy upset problems, one glass of hot ginger rasam would relieve you from all troubles.

·      When you need to remove all toxins from your body and lose weight easily, start exploring the different variations of rasam.  It helps a lot dudes!

·      When you consume it on regular basis you are sure to have an enriched skin that is glowing and healthy as it is rich in antioxidants and helps you in remaining young forever.

·      It acts as a South Indian Panacea which prevents constipation as it is rich in dietary fibre and non-starch polysaccharides.

·      Rasam is a bank of minerals.






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