Naturally occurring Kallurundai samba rice gives the body and shoulder strength enough to withstand the wrestler whoever eats it .

Eating organic Kallurundai samba rice has amazing medicinal properties that enhance overweight and sperm development as well as  cure diseases.

Naturally occurring Kallurundai samba cures a variety of ailments such as arthritis and promotes good health .

For those who eat natural Kallurundai samba rice , it will give you peace of mind , appetite and strength. Quench thirst.

Kallurundai samba rice is said to be high in immunity to traditional rice varieties . By eating regularly, the bowel will be cleansed , the bile will be beautified , and bile , stomach related diseases



The rice of this variety is highly suitable for making dishes such as idly and dosa.

Health benefits 

  • Rich in potassium and antioxidants,
  • it is known to help control diabetes while helping in overall weight management.
  • Powered with the higher fiber content,
  • it keeps hunger cravings at bay.


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