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How to consume Kandankathiri (Yellow Fruit Night-Shade) Internally:-

  • Morning – for few minutes. once the water gets warm, filter the content and drink it before food. Repeat the same for Evening Dosage after dinner.
  • Cough :Mix 5 gms of powder in 100 ml water, Boil the content till the water is reduces to 50 ml, filter and drink twice a day. . This is very good remedy for chronic cough. (OR) Take fresh Kandankathiri plant juice (1-2 ml) mixed with honey (1 tbsp).
  • Liver Swelling and infection: Kandankathiri is very good liver tonic. Its decoction is very beneficial in liver swelling and infection. Vomiting and nausea during pregnancy :Take this powder and raisins (5-6) and make decoction by boiling in water. This helps to cure nausea, vomiting and low appetite.

How to Apply Kandankathiri (Yellow Fruit Night-Shade) Externally:-

  • Migraine:For chronic migraine put fresh Kandankathiri juice (4 drops) in each nostril.
  • Epilepsy:Put fresh Kandankathiri leaves juice (2 drops) in each nostril empty stomach in morning. Do it regularly.
  • Hair fall:Take fresh Kandankathiri leaves juice and massage on scalp to cure hair fall and dandruff.
  • Toothache:Take fresh leaves of Kandankathiri and grind to extract juice. Now soak cotton in this juice and apply on tooth.


Kandankathiri is a very prickly, bright green, much branched perennial shrub with bluish-purple flower. It is a warm season plant that grow mainly in tropical and sub-tropical regions. In India, it occurs throughout the country in dry conditions. It can be found growing as a weed along the roadsides and wastelands. It is naturally propagated by seed in waste lands.

Internal Benefits of Kandankathiri (Yellow Fruit Night-Shade):-

  • It is useful in treating worms, cough, hoarseness of voice, fever, painful urination, enlargement of the liver, muscular pain, and stone in the urinary bladder and used for curing bloody piles, asthma & skin allergies.


External Benefits of Kandankathiri (Yellow Fruit Night-Shade):-

  • Hair fall, Toothache, Migraine, Epilepsy.

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