Kasuri methi is dried fenugreek leaves. It is used to flavor a range of dishes including vegetables and curries. Fenugreek is primarily used in Turkish, Indian, Egyptian, Ethiopian, and Yemeni cuisines. The seeds as well as the leaves of the plant are used for seasoning.

Kasuri methi gives dishes such as – pulao, subzis, and curries a very distinctive and characteristic aroma and taste. Usually, a very small amount of dried fenugreek is rubbed gently in the palms of the hands and sprinkled over the cooked dish towards the end to give it the quintessential Kasuri methi taste.



Fenugreek is packed with iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, manganese, and magnesium. It also supplies generous doses of vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, thiamine, riboflavin, and pyridoxine niacin. Adding these leaves to your menu definitely makes a lot of sense!

  • Keeps cholesterol levels in check: Methi is a good source of fiber, typically, hemicellulose, mucilage, saponins, tannins, and pectin. These help decrease cholesterol levels considerably. The cholesterol-lowering action is due to the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids within the liver.
  • Manages diabetes mellitus: Methi slows down the rate of glucose absorption in the intestines, consequently, this helps reduce the blood sugar level in diabetics.
  • Boosts GI functioning: The high fiber content of fenugreek adds to the digestive bulk, and this helps prevent constipation. Ayurveda has always employed methi to effectively tackle indigestion and flatulence.
  • A fantastic lactating agent: Methi is often consumed by breastfeeding mothers. Diosgenin found in methi boosts lactation. Conversely, methi triggers uterine contractions, so it must not be consumed during pregnancy.


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