Kottara Samba Arisi

  • It boosts immunity power in children.
  • If we feed this rice to a new born baby, then there is no need for any immunity vaccinations.
  • This rice is good in reducing bad cholesterol.
  • This rice is good for weight loss.
  • This rice has high fibre content.
  • This rice has low carbohydrates.
  • The flavour of this rice is slightly sweet.
  • This rice has many medicinal values.
  • This rice is good for brain development.
  • This rice is good to secrete lactatim for new born baby mothers.
  • This rice gives strength to puberty girls.
  • It is a Parboiled rice.
  • This rice grows up to 5.5 feet.
  • This rice is cultivated in Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu.
  • Cultivation Period – 200 days.
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Kottara Samba boosts immunity power in children and if we feed this to a newborn, then there is no need for any immunity vaccinations

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Kottara Samba Arisi
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