Lemon Powder Spray Dried is a vegan and gluten-free substitute for lemon juice in whatever dish it needs. It is used to make lemonade, juices, lemon tea and other beverages.


Season your salad dressing, dips, vegetables, meat, fish, tea, baked goods, yogurt, and more. Use dehydrated lemon powder as a replacement for fresh lemon zest in any recipe.

  1. Adding lemon to water may promote hydration.

  2. Lemon is a fabulous source of vitamin C.

3. Supports weight loss

  • Lemons contain a type of antioxidative organic compounds known as polyphenols. The specific polyphenols present in lemons (eriocitrin, hesperidin, naringin, etc.) were confirmed to have anti-obesity properties, meaning that they prevent weight gain and suppress body fat accumulation.

4. Lemon can improve the health and appearance of your  skin.

  • Thanks to its fabulous content of vitamin C, lemons can improve your skin’s health. In 2007, an interesting study concluded that a higher intake of vitamin C is associated with reduced skin aging, a lower wrinkle count, and reduced skin dryness. Most likely, this is due to the antioxidative potential of ascorbic acid.

5. Lemons could help you control your blood pressure.

  •  Daily lemon intake combined with daily walking sessions are two factors that can greatly improve blood pressure. Since high blood pressure is a powerful risk factor for cardiovascular disease, it’s great to know that such a simple thing like lemons could help you avoid that nasty consequences!

6. Lemons can improve digestion.

  • Lemon has been used in traditional healing doctrines for centuries to improve digestion and relieve constipation. The general recommendation here is to drink warm lemon water instead of eating the fruit, since lemon water will act faster and in a gentler way.

7. Lemons freshens your breath.

  • Lemon is a natural breath-freshener thanks to its ability to kill some of the bacteria that cause bad breath in the first place. For an even better effect, it’s recommended to drink lemon water between meals and immediately after waking up to cleanse the mouth.




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