True to its meaning in Sanskrit (that which keeps the body free from all diseases). Nochi is considered as an effective Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal. It is used to treat a wide range of ailments, ranging from Sinus Infection, headache,  to migraine, from skin affections to wounds, and swelling, asthmatic pains, male and female sexual and reproductive problems.


It is a large aromatic shrub, with small bluish purple flowers, found throughout India. There are three types – Venn Nochi, Karu Nochi and Nir Nochi. Venn Nochi is the more commonly seen tree. Nir Nochi is found on the banks of the Thamiraparani river in Tamil Nadu. The Nochi tree is a nice tree to have in the garden. It is easy to propagate from cuttings about two cm thick. It grows wild in rural Tamil Nadu, India.

Internal Benefits of Nochi (Chinese Chaste tree):-

  • In Ayurveda,  It helps to reduce the swelling and pains of joints and Muscle sprains.
  • Herbal Medicine, Helps in digestion, and It’s used for burns, post-childbirth problems, fever, muscle sprains, scanty urine, antiseptic, nervine, emmenagogue, migraine.
  • In Nattu Maruthuvam, Due to its warm potency, it helps to increase the menstrual flow in those who have scanty periods (menstrual flow).
  • As one of the Herbal Remedies, Helps to control the discharge through the ears.
  • It is a Herbal Product, Helps to provide healthy eyesight.
  • Helps to reduce the generalized pains of the body.
  • Helps in stimulating the liver for its healthy secretions.

Direction for use: For Adults add one tea spoon (5g) of Nochi leaf powder in a glass of warm water or boiling water, filter and drink. Can be used as a paste/ steam inhalation  as well as for external application or  as powder / Kashayam for internal use as advised by your doctor or Naturopath.

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