Papaya is nothing short of a tropical wonder. With numerous health benefits that would be great for everyone out there, this fruit is really underestimated and under-used in most parts of the world.  Featuring an outstanding antioxidative profile, significant immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties, papaya deserves a special place in anyone’s diet.


Papaya powder is proven to enhance the body’s ability to properly and efficiently break down proteins. This can in turn help burn unwanted fat as well as build muscle.

Papain, an enzyme that is found within papaya powder, is considered one of the most powerful enzymes that are produced by a plant. In fact, papain is stronger than any enzyme produced by the human body. Papain has the ability to accelerate and balance digestion no matter the environment – acidic, neutral or alkaline.

Another enzyme found in papaya powder is chymopapain, which is similar to papain. Chymopapain has been proven effective in helping reduce the onset of stomach ulcers. This enzyme helps the digestive system to remain balanced and calm, preventing potential illnesses.

Papain can work effectively no matter what environment the stomach has produced. This is extremely beneficial to individuals who traditionally have a very low stomach acid level. In these situations, papain can be taken to assist in the digestive process. The best way for an individual to get the proper amount of papain is to consume papaya powder on a daily basis.

Because of the active enzymes, papaya powder also has the ability to help digest fats and carbohydrates. This can help individuals lose weight, burn fat, and have more energy for their workout or maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Papaya Powder Health Benefits

  1. Has anti-aging properties
  2. boosts immune system
  3. improve digestion
  4. rich in antioxidants
  5. alleviate symptoms of arthritis
  6. help in fighting off bacteria
  7. support heart health
  8. support oral health and prevent dental plaque



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