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Internal Benefits of Poonaikali (Velvet Bean):-

  • Increases libido.
  • Increases sperm count in men and ovulation in women.
  • Acts as a restorative nutrient for the nervous system.
  • Increases blood circulation to the genitals.
  • Decreases symptoms of stress and anxiety. Calms nerves.
  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Strengthens and tones the sexual glands.
  • Increases stamina.
  • Releases bound up testosterone, increasing the level of bio-available testosterone.
  • Reduces fat and improves muscle tone. (By supporting healthy testosterone levels, Mucuna pruriens supports anabolic metabolism, increasing your tendency to burn fat and to build muscle.)


The Amazing Herbal Adaptogen that is mucuna pruriens is well known for its wide range of tonifying, strengthening and all around beneficial properties. Perhaps it is best known as a potent herbal aphrodisiac. This Indian herb also called as velvet bean,The prickly orange hairs on the outside of the pod cause severe itching when they come in contact with the skin. The doctrine of signatures can give us a clue here since the velvet beans pods can be used to treat snake bite! The main medicinal effects attributed to mucuna pruriens come from the seeds, but the pod and its hairs and the plants roots can also be used in herbal preparations. The velvet beans are “drift seeds “, which is a name given to any seeds that can float away on ocean currents to grow in other regions of the world.

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Poonaikkali powder
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