Thooyamalli Rice is a traditional rice variety of Tamilnadu which is ideal replacement for white rice. Thooyamalli Rice is among the lesser-known rice varieties that hold extensive health benefits. It was favorite rice for many kings in ancient times. This rice has a unique flavor which improves the taste of curries and sambar. It relishes in the aroma, given that a high nutrition value to anyone’s diet. This rice gives shine to the skin and strength to the body. The regular usage of this rice leads to an increase in our immune system. Consuming this type of rice is highly suitable for diabetes patients since it has relatively low Glycemic Index value. This rice gives core strength to our body and also increases skin beauty. Above all, it strengthens the bones and muscles.



  • The nutrients in Thooyamalli Rice keep the nervous system healthy and strong.
  • Rich in anti-oxidants, it keeps skin healthy and shiny.
  • It helps to keep the internal organs younger for longer.
  • It keeps the mind active and strengthens memory.
  • Builds better immunity and protect you from various diseases.
  • Rice has been shown to be quite beneficial to digestion. High Fibre content in this rice aids in the movement of digesting food in the intestine by loosening the bowels.
  • Thooyamalli rice contains the perfect combination of protein, magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc to help regulate a healthy and balanced diet. These grains are also high in carbohydrates, which helps in long-term sustained weight loss.
  • The protein and calcium content of Thooyamalli rice is high. Children, pregnant and lactating mothers, and athletes are frequently advised to take it. It is also viewed as a good fat that the body quickly burns due to its easy digestion.


Receipe: Thooyamalli rice can take as daily meal and idly, Dosa, Paniyaram, Payasam, Kolukkattai, Porridge, In the form of Varity rice like Vegetable Biryani, Sambar Rice, Curd Rice, Tamarind rice, Lemon rice, Coconut rice, Coriander rice, Leaves rice and Milk rice.

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Thuyamalli Rice
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