Mimosa Pudica commonly called Touch Me Not plant all over the world, Chui Mui plant in India and Makahiya plant in Philippines is an amazing herb with wonderful medicinal uses and health benefits. All parts of this plant have medicinal uses. In India, it is used in Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani forms of medicine for treating various diseases.



Chemical Constituents:

Phytochemical screening of touch me not plant leaf extract showed the presence of flavonoids, glycosides, terpenoids, alkaloids, coumarins, saponins, tannins, phenols and quinines. The root extract showed the presence of fatty acids, glycosides, essential oils, tannins, amino acids, alkaloids, phytosterol and flavonoids. Some of the important phytochemical compounds isolated from touch me not plant are mimosine, jasmonic acid, botulinic acid, stigmasterol, Beta-sitosterol, 2-hyrdoxymethyl-chroman-4-one, dimethyl ammonium salt and mimopudine.

Traditional Uses:

Traditionally, touch me not plant is used as a antidote for snake and scorpion bites. The root of the plant is chewed and the paste of the root is applied as a poultice on the bitten area. The steam and leaves are used for treating scorpion stings, to treat the paste of the whole plant is applied. The root is also used for treating menstrual problems and also toothache. Toe infections can be treated by washing the legs with touch me not plant leaf decoction. It is also used for treating piles, dysentery and intestinal worms.

a. Mimosa Pudica Roots:

Traditionally root of touch me not plant is used for treating snake bites, diarrhoea, small pox, fever, ulcer, jaundice, hemorrhoid’s, asthma, fistula and leucoderma.

b. Mimosa Pudica Plant Leaves:

The leaves of touch me not plant, either in the form of decoction or as a paste is used for treating hemorrhoid’s, wounds, fistula, pink eye, toe infections, depression, insomnia and hydrocele.

c. Mimosa Pudica Plant Seed:

Traditionally touch me not plant seed is used for treating urinary tract infection. The seed mucilage is used for making tablets as it is both a good binder and disintegrant.

d. The Whole Plant:

The whole plant is used for treating rheumatism, cancer, edema, depression, muscle pain and elephantiasis. It is also a good insect repellent. Here in our village we use the whole plant to treat leg pain.

Mimosa Pudica Side Effects:

Mimosa Pudica has proven to have anti fertility properties so if you are trying for pregnancy, never consume mimosa Pudica in any form. Pregnant women should not consume mimosa Pudica. Mimosa Pudica has very low toxicity and in a study done on rats, they experienced no side effects even when they were given 2000 mg per kg of body weight!

10 Top Health Benefits & Uses Of Mimosa Pudica:

1. Mimosa Pudica Wound Healing Activity:

Traditionally the leaf extract made by grinding the leaves with little water and extracting the juice is used for treating wounds. This remedy has been proven scientifically now! For the study, both the methanolic and water extract was used in 3 different concentrations (0.5 %, 1 % and 2 %) in a basic ointment base. The ointment containing 2 % of both methanolic and water extract showed significant wound healing activity.

2. Mimosa Pudica Anti Venom Activity:

An interesting study was done on the anti venomous activity of mimosa pudica and that too cobra venom! The study which was done on the water extract of the mimosa pudica dried root (made by boiling the dried root in water) proved that it is very good at inhibiting the activity of the snake venom. But this remedy has to be done under the observation of an experienced healer or herbalist.

3. Anti Depressant, Anti Anxiety and Memory Enhancing Properties:

Traditionally, touch me not plant has been used for treating depression in certain countries. Along with treating depression, it also reduces anxiety and also improves memory, for it the the whole plant extract is used. A study on mice proved all these traditional uses to be true, you can read the study here.

4. Mimosa Pudica For Piles:

Mimosa Pudica is very good for treating bleeding piles and has been used as a remedy for it for many many years. For the remedy, crush the leaves into a fine paste and apply as a poultice, it will greatly ease the burning and bleeding. This is due to it’s amazing wound healing and anti inflammatory properties.

5. Mimosa Pudica For Ulcers:

Another very important study on mimosa pudica was its effect on ulcers. The leaf extract reduced the volume of gastric acid secretion, total acidity and ulcer index compared to control. The study done on rats with artificially induced ulcers proved that 100 mg of ethanolic extract very effectively reduced the ulcers.

6. Mimosa Pudica For Diarrhea: 

Mimosa pudica is very good for treating diarrhoea and has been used for it for years. For treating diarrhoea, the leaf extract is used. A study done on albino rats by inducing them to diarrhea using castor oil and treating them with ethanolic extract of the leaves proved to be very effective in controlling the diarrhea.

7. Mimosa Pudica Anti Inflammatory Properties:

Another study proved its anti inflammatory properties. The study done on rats with artificially induced paw odema proved its anti inflammatory properties. The results were very effective and significant. In village sides, we boil the leaves of mimosa pudica and use the warm liquid as a compress, happy to know that it has been proven scientifically.

8. Mimosa Pudica Anti Diabetic Activity:

Mimosa pudica’s anti diabetic activity has been proven through research too. The research was done using the ethanolic extract but usually the leaf powder or the root powder is taken daily for bringing down the blood sugar levels. But I would kindly suggest consulting an ayurvedic physician for the correct dosage if you are planning on taking it to reduce blood sugar levels.

9. Liver Protecting & Anthelmintic Activity of Mimosa Pudica:

Another important medicinal use is protection of liver against toxins . When rats were given toxic ethanol along with mimosa Pudica extract, it proved to be very effective in protecting the liver from toxicity. Mimosa Pudica also has anthelmintic properties (expels worms) so when we consume the extract, it expels worms very effectively.

10. Anti Microbial, Anti Fungal & Anti Viral Properties Of Mimosa Pudica:

Mimosa pudica has been proven for its anti microbial, anti fungal and anti viral properties. The research was done using different concentrations of the mimosa Pudica ethanol extract on various fungus and bacteria and it proved to be very effective in controlling them.

11. Anti Mumps Activity:

Another interesting but not much known medicinal use of touch me not plant is the anti mumps activity. Touch me not plant completely prevented mumps and this due to it’s wonderful anti viral property. You can read the study that supports this claim here.

12. Anti Convulsant Properties:

Touch me not plant leaf extract also has anti convulsant properties and it is used in traditional African medicine for it. In a study done on mice, the leaf extract given at a dose of 1000 to 4000 mg per kg protected them from induced convulsant.

13. Hypolipidemic Properties:

Touch me not plant lowers lipid levels and this due to the presence of flavonoids, alkaloids and glycosides in it. In a study touch me not plant leaf extract at a dose of 200 mg per kg proved to be very very effective in reducing lipids. Research is going on to extract the compound responsible for the hypolipidemic activity.

14. Uterine Prolapse:

Touch me not plant is used for treating uterine prolapse in Ayurveda. For treating it, 15 to 20 ml of the plant decoction is given 3 times a day. Along with it, the root paste is also applied externally as a poultice. This is a 40 day treatment that is best done under medical supervision.

15. Aphrodisiac Properties:

Touch me not plant root has been used traditionally as an aphrodisiac and this use also has been proven through research. A study done on mice proved that 500 mg of ethanol extract of touch me not plant proved to be very effective and there was no side effect like stomach ulcer consuming it at all.

This tea can reduce blood sugar levels, reduce anxiety and depression and also treat stomach ulcer and diarrhea.

Herby Choice is one of the brands of Silverfish for Herbal Tea. Our company is focusing on natural herbs which are good for health and no side effects and our products are eco-friendly and sustainable through Dip bags. We are interested in doing research on our native herbs and hence got a chance to feel the improvement in our health and some herbs have given better relief and results also. Hence, thinking to provide this kind of healthy and tasty herbals in an easier way which can be usable by anyone at any time, we got a result as Decomposable dip bags.

Note –

  • Milk is not required,

  • For Tea, just dip it in boiled water for 2 – 3 minutes,  if required sweetener, we can add Palm sugar, Country sugar or Honey.

  • For Soup, just dip it in boiled water for 2 – 3 minutes, we can add pepper and salt, if needed turmeric powder.



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