Health Benefits

  • Idli rice is a rich source of vitamins and nutritional values
  • Easy to digest. Idli’s can be given to babies above 6 months and elders of any ages.
  • Steamed food – Idli is considered one of the safest, healthiest and nutritious breakfast in the world.
  • Gut friendly food- The fermenting process of Idli batter provides us with the necessary good bacteria.
  • Idli’s can be served even during fever as it is rich in probiotics that will boost our immune system and help us recover faster from illness.


Idly Rice is tasty, healthy and has a unique taste. Idli and Dosa – being a staple food of South Indian cuisine, needs to be nutritious and 100% natural. you provide your family with a healthy breakfast or dinner.

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Traditional Idli rice
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