Vellarugu is a swallow-wort plants or small tree like shrubs are found in all dry, barren and high grounds. You can easily find it on roadsides, backyards etc. It is a perennial shrub with numerous branches. These are approximately 4-12 ft in height bearing very soft stems.. These are found in bunches with an unique fragrance. It bears fruit which are 2-3 inch long and 1-2 inch wide.


Internal Benefits of Vellarugu (Swallow Wort) :-

  • It cure cataract naturally and this leaves are helpful in diseases such as cough, colds, flu & Cholera.
  • It treats for Urinal problems & Jaundice.
  • It is helpful for breathing problems.

External Benefits of Vellarugu (Swallow Wort) :-

  • Eye problems, hair lice and itching of head, Migraine, Eczema & Wounds

How to consume Vellarugu (Swallow Wort) Internally :-

  • Morning – Mix 5 gms of powder in 100 ml water, Boil the content for few minutes. once the water gets warm, filter the content and drink it before food. Repeat the same for Evening Dosage after dinner.

How to Apply Vellarugu (Swallow Wort) Externally :-

  • For Eye problems: Take this powder and soak in 20 gm of rose-water.Wait for 5 minutes then strain the solution.Put the drops in both eyes. You can go with 2-2 drops twice a day.
  • For Migraine: Take 10 gm powder of shade-dried root of Swallow-wort with 7 cardamoms, 500 mg each of Camphor and peppermint. Grind these and store in a bottle. It cures migraine and heaviness of head.
  • For Eczema: Take 2 gm Swallow-wort root powder and 2taspoon of curd. Mix them and apply on the affected area. It also works excellent in eczema.
  • For Wounds: place it on the top of the wound and tie it. Repeat this for 2-3 times a day, it completely cures the wound

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