Groundnut oil is one of the most popular oils in India and is used in most parts for sautéing, grilling, and deep-frying because of its high smoke point, meaning that it doesn’t burn even easily and is quite heat resistant. It is quite cost-effective since it is the only oil that can be reused and doesn’t absorb and remains healthy unless the oil is badly burnt. Groundnut oil is rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that offers a lot of benefits for the protection of chronic diseases. Groundnut oil contains resveratrol which can protect cells against cancer, nervous system diseases and Alzheimer. Purity in every drop: Fatty Acid Profiling of the oil determines the purity of the oil. Cold pressed Groundnut Oil has undergone fatty acid profiling to ensure 100% purity with no contaminants. It is made from quality groundnuts without the application of heat to retain its natural goodness. For a health-conscious you: Cold-pressed groundnut oil contains good fats in the form of Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA). Decreasing saturated fatty acids and increasing Monounsaturated fatty acids in diet helps maintain a healthy heart and normal cholesterol levels. In addition, oils offer a good balance between taste and nutrition to support your lifestyle.

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When it comes to Indian kitchens, groundnut oil is one of the most commonly used cooking oils with numerous health benefits. However, with all these cooking oil alternatives available in the market, it’s critical to make informed decisions.

Chemicals added to extend the shelf life of refined oils have an impact on not just the flavor and aroma, but also the oil’s nutritional value.

Going for a non-blended, and chemical-free approach is a surefire way to do it correctly. In terms of health and flavor, cold-pressed groundnut oil is the best option.

The rising obesity rates, illnesses associated with obesity, and increased understanding of how oil is produced, are just a few of the reasons why cold-pressed oils are making a comeback in our kitchen cupboards.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the many health and nutritional benefits of cold-pressed groundnut/peanut oil.

Health Benefits of Groundnut/Peanut Oil:

  1. Controls Cholesterol LevelGroundnut oil is high in monounsaturated fat, sometimes known as “good fat,” which promotes health and reduces bad cholesterol levels. Nutritionists advise consuming chemical-free groundnut oil if you have a high cholesterol level in your body. The phytosterols present in the oil absorb 10 to 15% of the cholesterol in the intestines and stomach.
  1. Improves Heart HealthAccording to a study, reducing saturated fat consumption while increasing polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat consumption reduces the risk of heart disease by approximately 30%. Cold-pressed groundnut oil includes both of these which have both been widely studied for their potential to reduce heart disease.
  1. Improves Insulin SensitivityOne of the major advantages of cold-pressed groundnut oil is its ability to manage blood sugar levels. Because of the high concentration of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats present in groundnut oil, it keeps insulin sensitivity in control. So, if you use groundnut oil for cooking regularly, your body slows down the fat absorption and produces more insulin, both of which lead to better blood sugar control.
  1. Fights Cancer Free radicals are the main source of cellular damage, which can lead to chronic illnesses including heart disease and cancer. Vitamin E is an effective antioxidant that protects the body from free radical damage. Because cold-pressed groundnut oil is rich in vitamin E, it plays an important role in cancer prevention. In addition, the presence of bio-active and unsaturated compounds in groundnut oil also helps in alleviating the symptoms of diseases like cancer.
  1. Boosts Skin HealthApart from using the oil while cooking, you can even apply the oil topically to boost your skin health. The high vitamin-E content in the oil reverses the sign of ageing and helps fight other skin issues. The oil acts as a skin barrier that locks in moisture and prevents skin dryness.

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