The black gram beans are referred to as ‘Masha’ in the ayurvedic texts and is highly recommended for gaining weight and improving immunity. The ancient medicine recommends consuming de-husked urad dal as it is one of the fiber-rich Indian food.

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In fact, ancient Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita dedicated a chapter Mashaparni bhriteeya adhyaya to explain the goodness of these beans. Urad dal is in fact, the only pulse that has more than 10 times of phosphorous than any other pulse, and the unique type of protein present in black grams strengthens muscle fibers. Ayurveda describes black gram or Masha as a bean that is sweet to taste but hot in potency, that can calm down and regularize the imbalances caused due to Vata. It also increases Kapha and Pitta and is recommended for men suffering from erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, and motility. Ayurvedic practitioners prescribe including urad dal in daily diet for women of reproductive age to balance hormones and strengthen the reproductive organs.

Our ancient medicine explains innumerable ways of consuming black grams for overall health. Try these easy-to-make home remedies with urad dal.

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