Kolhapur district located in the western part of Maharashtra has been widely accepted to be the sugar capital of Maharashtra and produces jaggery that ranks first in quality and second after Muzaffarnagar in quantity in India.

Kolhapur jaggery or gur as it more popularly known is processed using the age-old techniques making it completely organic with no chemicals, is deliciously sweet (80 percent sugarcane juice and 20 percent sugar) and has longer shelf life as compared to jaggery produced in other parts of the country.

The benefits of jaggery include its ability to cleanse your body, act as a digestive agent, sweeten your food in a healthy manner, and provide good amounts of minerals. Jaggery is measured to be a rich source of Iron, Calcium, essential amino acid, magnesium, minerals and vital vitamins. It is used to treat Anemia.

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The sugarcane produced in fertile land of Kolhapur is rich in Sugar grain and the colourbody proportion is less compared to other areas.
So while preparing jaggery, the coloured impurity is easily removed to maximum extent. The traditional jaggery blenders are specialized in the blending it to light red-brown color as required. This light
coloured and rich in sweetness jaggery is very famous. The place where jaggery is made is called Gurahla.

1. Prevents constipation
2. Detoxes the liver
3. Treats flu-like symptoms
4. Blood purifier
5. Boosts immunity
6. Cleanses the body
7. Eases menstrual pain
8. Prevents anemia
9. Boosts intestinal health
10. Cools the stomach

11. Controls blood pressure
12. Prevents respiratory problems
13. Relieves joint pain
14. Weight loss
15. Good source of energy
16. Helps Improve Iron Levels
17. It Helps Increase The Count of Hemoglobin In Blood

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