Toor dal also called pigeon pea dal or arhar dal is a part of Indian meals. It is a rich source of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. This humble pulse facilitates meeting your daily demands of iron and calcium. Besides these, toor dal is an incredible source of folic acids which is essential for fetal growth and prevents the birth defects of the newborn.

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Unpolished dals contain a higher amount of fiber as well as protein in comparison to polished dal. Toor Daal is an excellent source of folic acid and a must-have for all pregnant ladies. Folic acid is essential for the development of the fetus and protects is against several birth defects. Pulses or Dals are a major source of protein for vegetarian people, especially in India. Arhar dal is rich in protein and can help in covering a major portion of our protein requirement. It adds a good dose of dietary fibre in our diet. Food rich in dietary fibre makes you feel full for a longer duration and therefore helps in controlling your weight.  High fibre content also helps in regularizing bowel movement. It is a rich source of complex carbohydrates, which is healthier for our body unlike simple carbohydrates found in processed sugar. Complex carbohydrates take longer to release sugar in our body and help  in regularizing blood sugar levels.

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